Home-use Rice Milling Machine


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Home-use Rice Mill Machine Introduction
Vertical mini rice mill is a novel rice milling machine, mainly used to grind paddy directly into white rice, and make rice, fine bran, small broken rice and chaff automatic separation, without further separation by the fan. The processed white rice with high purity, the bran will automatically back into grind and become fine bran which can make high-quality feed. The compact structure, easy operation and install, with dust removal device, used to collect rice bran, thereby reducing environmental pollution. It has superior performance and reliable work, which is an excellent rice processing machinery. 


Home-use Rice Mil Machine 
The rice milling machine is mainly composed of feeding device, whitening room, feeding device, transmission device, air jet system and frame.

Application of Home-use Rice Mill Machine 
Milling machine is mainly used to process rice, millet and sorghum, as well as the peeling of corn, wheat and soybeans. In particular, after the corn has been peeled and degermed, the taste of the food has been improved, thereby expanding the scope of application of corn.

Home-use Rice Mill Machine Advantages
Small size, compact structure, reasonable layout, handling simple and convenient.
High rate of rice, germ preservation rate of up to 80%.
Dust-proof, low noise, suitable for on-site operation.
Paddy once out of rice, simple operation, easy to learn.

Vertical Minitype Rice Milling Machine Is Very Popular In Rice And Millet Milling Vertical Minitype Rice Milling Machine Is Very Popular In Rice And Millet Milling


Real Pictures in Workshop


Small Rice Mill Woking Video


Vertical Minitype Rice Milling Machine Technical Parameters

Model 75 Type 200 Type
Capacity(kg/h) 75 200
Productivity(%) 85 85
Crushing rate(%) 2-5 2-5
Wheel specifications(mm) Φ190×Φ150×175 Φ325×Φ275×205
Main shaft speed
1450 1690
Screen aperture
1.6×13 1.6×13
Power(kw) 3 7.5



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