March 2017, Customers from India come to the factory to discuss the combination of rice machinery business. Our customers are very satisfied with our products and have signed long-term cooperation intentions. If you also need rice mill plant, rice mill machine, automatic combined rice mill and compact rice mill plant, etc. , welcome to contact us at any time, we will provide professional services from evaluation, production line design, project management to project installation and personnel training, etc.
rice millers in india

Introduction of 6LN-15/15SD Automatic Combined Rice Mill
This machine is a set of combined rice milling equipment which combines function of cleaning, stone, husking, paddy separation and rice separation. The sieve surface of the rough separation is fast and has no residue, and the operation is simple. This milling chamber is the selection of strong wind, rice has low temperature, no bran powder, rice quality is translucent crystal.

how to start rice mill business in india
Feature of 6LN-15/15SD Automatic Combined Rice Mill

1.Better cleaning effect;

2.Compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance, little noise, high yield;

3.Adding some follow-up equipment;

4.Processing rice in farmlands, towns, grain shops and specialized households.

how to start rice mill business in india
Unique Advantages of Zhengzhou Double-lion Rice Mill Plants

1. Zhengzhou Double-lion owns turn-key rice milling systems, performs manufacturing, marketing and service processes within international norms with its professional and experienced staff. She has strengthened its corporate structure with positive values day by day which manufactures not only machines but also technology and quality.

2. Zhengzhou Double-lion can provide new technologies, increase manufacturing pace and standardization, while minimizing manufacturing costs and meeting immediate support necessities and corporate responsibility. CE, and ISO 9001:2000 certificates have been awarded to our products, which have passed through testing at its R&D department.

3. Zhengzhou Double-lion has exported machines to many countries in a wide range of geographical regions.

4. Zhengzhou Double-lion provides single machines to complete turn-key projects for rice mills; flow diagrams, construction and projects; manufacturing of milling machinery, equipment and computerized systems; site activities that include set-up and management of sites, plant supervision and erection, plant start-up and commissioning; and services such as technical/ technological assistance and after-sale service, mechanical, electrical and electronic maintenance and spare parts service, plant upgrading and expansion.