Do you live in a country where rice cultivation is done in a large scale? Are you interested in starting a rice milling business? If you are looking for profitable business to do, rice mill business can be a good option, all things being equal.

May 2017, Customers from Dubai come to our factory to discuss the small CTNM15 Combined Rice Mill business. Our products have received favorable comments from many customers all over the world.

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Zhengzhou Double-lion Grain & Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. it is a large joint-stock enterprise specializing in the production of grain and oil machinery. It integrates technology, manufacturing and sales together. Under the guided management of Henan University of Technology which have abundant talented personnel and science advantage, it has risen to be one of the leading grain milling machine manufactures and suppliers in a short span of time.
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CTNM15 Combined Rice Mill Introduction
This machine is a complete set of combined machine which has function of cleaning, dust removal, stonerice milling. The machine has a good grain separation effect, simple operation, fast out of rice, rice is transparent crystal, sieve air material fast paddy separation, no residue etc. This machine is the most advanced small gravity sieve type combine rice mill on the market at present, it is the first choice for farmers to do small processing plants.

1.Adding some follow-up equipment to improve milling precision of rice according to the demands of users
2.Compact structure, easy operation, convenient Maintenance,large production,high rice yield 
3.Processing rice in farmlands,towns,grain shop and specialized households
Our customers are very satisfied with our products, and we have entered into a long-term cooperation agreement. If you are doing rice machinery business, or you are ready to do rice processing production, please contact us, we will provide you rice milling machines with high quality at best price and perfect after-sales system.

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