About Zhengzhou Double-lion Grain & Oil Milling Machinery Co., ltd.
Zhengzhou Double-lion Grain & Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. Was established in the year 2009, it is a large joint-stock enterprise specializing in the production of grain and oil machinery. It integrates technology, manufacturing and sales together. Under the guided management of Henan University of Technology (Former Zhengzhou Grain College) which have abundant talented personnel and science advantage, it has risen to be one of the leading grain milling machine manufactures and suppliers in a short span of time. Zhengzhou Double-lion Grain & Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. has carried out the new technological research and application of rice milling plant, flour milling machinery, coarse cereals machinery and feed machinery, etc., and transformed the latest scientific achievements into productive forces to obtain good social and economic benefit.

combined rice milling plant
We had been exporting combined rice mill plant, small auto rice mill machine, rice milling plants, basmati rice plants and parboiled rice milling plants in bulk quantities throughout the world. We had been the suppliers to all top exporters and currently supplying to major bulk rice buyers of
☆ India
 Saudi Arabia

 New Zealand
and other African countries.
double-lion rice  mill machines

Why Zhengzhou Double-lion is the Best Choice?

1.Focusing On Technological Innovation
Zhengzhou Double-lion has been focusing on technological innovation, independent research and development, bringing together a large number of experienced, high-quality professional and technical team, to overcome the bottleneck problems in the field of Combined Rice mill machines and Rice milling plants, etc., walking out of a road of science and technology innovation.

2.Turnkey Rice Milling Systems
Zhengzhou Double-lion owns turn-key rice milling systems, performs manufacturing, marketing and service processes within international norms with its professional and experienced staff. She has strengthened its corporate structure with positive values day by day which manufactures not only machines but also technology and quality.

3.New Technologies
Zhengzhou Double-lion can provide new technologies, increase manufacturing pace and standardization, while minimizing manufacturing costs and meeting immediate support necessities and corporate responsibility. CE, and ISO 9001:2000 certificates have been awarded to our products, which have passed through testing at its R&D department.

4.Experienced In Exporting
As professional milling factory in China, We had been exporting wheat flour mill plantsmaize/corn mill plantsrice milling plants, in bulk quantities around 30 countries worldwide, such as India, Pakistan,Thailand,Saudi Arabia,Tanzania,Europe,New Zealand, Australia,Canada,Latin American and other African countries.

5.Professional Milling Factory In China
Zhengzhou Double-lion also provides single machines to complete turn-key projects for flour, rice and maize mills; flow diagrams, construction and projects; manufacturing of milling machinery, equipment and computerized systems;

6.Perfect Service System
Zhengzhou Double-lion provide services such as technical/technological assistance, before sales service, sales service and after-sale service.

Our Mission
As one of the world's leading rice millers and exporters, we are committed to deliver precision-perfect quality to our customers; nurture a professional work environment, which fosters employee excellence, growth and job satisfaction; and build a financially strong, growth oriented company that creates value for our stakeholders.

Future Plans
Modern Rice & General Mills endeavor to strengthen its relationship with everyone associated with the company. It has equipped itself with powerful strategies to face any challenge in the future. Our vast network helps the company to acquire superior standards in the global market. Zhengzhou Double-lion Grain & Oil Machinery Co.,ltd is fully equipped to capitalize on the growing demand of rice. Our marketing strategies is to enhance our sales by sharing information with our buyers and educating them about various rice.

Global Presence
The hands behind our success are those of our partners and importers. It is their trust and belief in us that has enabled us to earn many accolades to our credit. We have been recognized by the Govt. of China as the one of the star rice exporters in the country - holding a dominant position in diverse and competitive markets like India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and other African Countries.